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THE POCKWOOD CORPORATION was founded by persons
based on long traditions has its focus on values also within the sales and
consultancy and implements sucessfully these values and the claim for
quality within the segment of health and wellness market.

THE POCKWOOD CORPORATION concentrates on people standing in the first line of our thinking and acting.

THE POCKWOOD CORPORATION is thinking ahead on relizing its job
and projects and ensures high quality solutions. This is the Profit for the
client and for his existing and future customers.

THE POCKWOOD CORPORATION is proud about its success based on the efficiency of the manpower, mainly in the segment of consulting sales (USA, Europe), product consultancy (Northern Europe), capital goods (Northern Europe), difficult transfer solutions (USA) and research (USA). Due to a on-going expansion (currently Middle East), improvement and extension of the networking as well as due to co-workers concentrating on customer service, solution of demands and sustainability the future of THE POCKWOOD CORPORATION is secured.
THE POCKWOOD CORPORATION declines consultancy focused only on short-term success and near-term transactions neglecting the analysis of middle- and long-term developments.

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